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15 gram Capacity Rose Petal Cannagar (1)

Sale price$35.00

This beautiful Rose Petal Cannagar is a handmade work of art! So stunning you won’t want to burn it but when you do, enjoy it with friends!

The Rose Petal Cannagar holds roughly 14-15 grams of your favorite herbs!! Bring out the sesh team or fill it for a wedding, bachelorette or bachelor party 🎉

Our Rose Petal Cones do not contain any fillers, harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavorings, artificial glues, or artificial colors. Our Rose Petal Papers are 100% All-Natural and Organic. The color vibrancy may differ from images due to seasonality & genetic variation since we only use real rose petals! All of our products hold their color & vibrancy for at least one year when stored properly. Keep out of direct sunlight as it will cause colors to fade.


(1) 1 Handmade Rose Petal Cannagar - Random Color Assortment Organic Rose Petal Cones
(2) 254mm length 14-15 gram Capacity
(3) CaliGreenGold Bamboo Packing Tool
(4) 2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack
(5) Protective Tube
(6) Cork Cap & Tamper Seal

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*This product does not contain any herbs*

15 gram Capacity Rose Petal Cannagar (1)
15 gram Capacity Rose Petal Cannagar (1) Sale price$35.00