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Our Story

Original & Organic

Petals™ Based in California, Mexico and South America, we are the Original Organic rose petal product innovators and artisans.

Petals™ showcases farm-to-table rose cones, rolls and wraps with vivacious colors and therapeutic effects. CaliGreenGold™ (CGG) is a premiere luxury brand and distributor of Petals™, the world’s finest handmade luxury organic rose petal cones, wraps, rolls and Rosagars™ since 2018. Our products are sustainable, renewable, vegan, GMO and gluten-free.

"Our passion is our Art and living in harmony with nature is the greatest art of them all. This is why handmade quality and natural materials matter so much...they're real and they honor these gorgeous, beautifully scented petals and the local gente who live and work with the land...we want to share our love of this sustainable, renewable resource and artisanal craft with everyone who enjoys a puff."­­­

Founder and CEO

-David "King Rose" Danon

Our Story
Our Mother pressed our first 1,000,000 rose petals by hand on an antique press and my sister single-handedly shipped our first few thousand orders around the world to all 50 states, 35 countries and the count is climbing… 
Our multicultural, multilingual, multinational team is dedicated to sustainability and renewability within the handmade luxury products industry. We are the Original Organic rose petal innovators and artisans since 2018, and we are insanely passionate (thank you, Steve) about providing the highest quality products to our community, distributors and wholesalers. We are a family-owned, co-female founded and organically operated business. We built our company consciously, with love, nature & spirit. To make a difference, we pay fair wages. 95% of our Artisans are single mothers who are the primary heads of their households.
Our Mission
Petals™ is a luxury natural goods & services company dedicated to the enjoyment of elevated experiences, sourced sustainability and fair trade eco—employment via conscientious harvesting and local handcrafting of our organic, healthy and exquisitely beautiful alternatives to paper products. 
Petals™ is dedicated to the preservation of the lands and communities from which these precious petals and leaves are grown. We are steadfastly committed to the cultivation of Fair Trade and sustainable wages for all Artisans involved in the handcrafted production of our organic Rose and Lotus petals, Banana and Corn leaves.  
We are ever-grateful to The Earth, Mother Nature and her Plants, and the indigenous growers and farmers worldwide who support our Mission.
We also express infinite gratitude to all those who purchase our Petals™ and invite you to join us in this new global lifestyle and adventure!